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Prima Cleaning Products for BMW

Car Care - Cleaning for BMW
Ready To Wipe Off The Grime And Build Up The Shine? We Have Perfected Cleaning Product Line-up -  - Prima Cleaning Products - Photo #1
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An Exclusive Line Of Car Care Products Custom-tailored To The Most Demanding Auto Aficionado. -  - Prima Cleaning Products - Photo #2 A Wash And Seal That Brings Out The Shine In Your BMW. -  - Prima Cleaning Products - Photo #3 Bring Back The New-look Of Your Leather, Plastics And Vinyls. -  - Prima Cleaning Products - Photo #4 Get Mirrors And Windows That Glisten With Clarity. Use A Wash That Cuts Grime And Leaves Shine! -  - Prima Cleaning Products - Photo #5 Primas 3-in-one Wheel Armour Cleaner, Polisher And Protectant Is All Your Wheels Need To Shine. -  - Prima Cleaning Products - Photo #6 Lubricants For Your Paint Are Safe For All Types And Finishes. -  - Prima Cleaning Products - Photo #7 Each Product Is Super-concentrated And Contains Only The Highest Quality Ingredients. -  - Prima Cleaning Products - Photo #8 Great Lengths Taken And No Expense Spared, To Create A Family Of Products Second To None. -  - Prima Cleaning Products - Photo #9 Prima Polishes, Waxes And Cleaners Are The Core Of The Product Line. -  - Prima Cleaning Products - Photo #10

A series of high end pro detailing products to keep your BMW looking new. ... learn more
Fits All BMW Vehicles
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Product Details

Prima Cleaning Products

Product Introduction

Ready to wipe off the grime and build up the shine? We have perfected a brilliant line of products allowing you to address everything from interior and exterior trim, tires, glass, washing, waxing and sealing, imperfection removal, polishing and drying.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

Prima is an exclusive line of car care products tailored to the most demanding auto aficionado. Prima polishes, waxes and cleaners are the core of this line. Each is super-concentrated and contains only the highest quality ingredients, producing perfect results every time. The formulas are unique and great lengths were taken with no expense spared, in order to create a family of products that are second to none.

The innovation doesn't stop there. A great deal of attention was also put into the packaging design. The bottles are short and wide with a low center of gravity which means you are less likely to tip the bottles and spill the product.


Interior Trim
  • Product - Prima Nero

    Exterior Trim
  • Product - Prima Nero

  • Product - Prima Nero

  • Product - Prima Clarity

    Paint - Step 1
  • Product - Prima Mystique Auto Wash

    Paint - Step 2
  • Product - Prima Amigo

    Paint - Step 3
  • Product - Prima Epic

    Paint - Long Term Shine (6-8 months per application) Goes on wet.
  • Product - Hydro Wash

  • Product - Hydro Seal

    Quick Detail
  • Product - Prima Slick
  • Available Options

    Prima Car Care is very proud to introduce their new Hydro Wash and Hydro Seal. These two new products, when used together, provide an easy to use two step system that preps and protects painted surfaces for months.

    Hyrdro Wash: The first part of the protection process starts with the Hydro Wash. This unique formula shampoo contains no polymers and is designed to prep the paint for Hydro Seal. Hydro Wash produces a ton of suds and is very concentrated and is the ideal shampoo for routine up keep of the Hydro Seal.

    Hydro Seal: is a water activated polymer sealant that will protect and enhance the shine of painted surfaces for months, not weeks. Hydro Seal is also safe on exterior trim, it will not stain or discolor plastic or vinyl surfaces. The first thing you will notice about Hydro Seal is the unique application process, and the second thing you will notice, besides the superior shine and gloss that it provides, is the water beading wash after wash.

    Cut: A heavy cutting polish for serious paint imperfections. It removes heavy scratches, oxidation and sanding marks. It contains no silicone or waxes, making it safe on freshly painted surfaces. Recommended for use with a machine polisher. Requires a second step with Prima Swirl.

    Swirl: A special medium abrasive for deeply cleaning paint and safely removing swirl marks without the use of waxes, silicones or fillers. Prima Swirl produces a smooth, swirl-free finish. It is safe and appropriate for all types of paint finishes, including clear-coat and freshly painted surfaces. Can be used by hand or with a machine polisher.

    Finish: A light finishing polish used to remove fine paint imperfections, such as hazing left by a more aggressive polish. It is especially effective on soft paint (such as most BMW paint). Mild cleaners help remove oxidation buildup. Finish is silicone and wax free.

    Amigo: Use it once and it's your new best friend! That's exactly what we said when we perfected this formula. Amigo is a unique product, unlike any other we've ever seen. It's a polymer-based glaze. Most glazes are not polymer-based and cannot be followed with a wax. Amigo offers all the properties of a high quality glaze while prepping your paint for wax- even synthetic wax. It fills light surface imperfections and cleans the finest remains of your other prep steps. It leaves a super glossy, slick finish, which looks especially impressive on dark paints. Truly an amazing product! Can be applied by hand, but machine polisher application will yield the most dramatic results. Does not contain any silicone or wax.

    Epic: A synthetic wax with a wet-look gloss, superior durability, and extreme ease of use. Epic is wipe on, wait 30-45 minutes, then wipe off with ease. No elbow-grease required! The combination of high quality resins and polymers creates a durable barrier to protect against UV and environmental damage. The slick finish is dust-resistant, preventing daily dust buildup. This is one of the very few synthetic waxes that looks fabulous on dark colors- even black! Allow approximately 1-2 ounces of Epic per wax application. Depending on exposure and environmental conditions, Epic will last 3-6 months.

    Slick: A polymer-fortified quick detail spray with unmatched slickness and shine. The name says it all. This quick detailer has a special blend of polymers which produce a shimmering wet-look shine while leaving an extremely slick finish. Mild cleaners lift grime, smudges and fingerprints. Slick also cleans glass. Its anti-static properties resist dust. Slick is silicone-free and safe on paint, plastic, glass, metal, vinyl and rubber trim. Our best selling product!

    Hydro: A remarkably durable wax-as-you-dry spray. After washing your car but before you dry, simply mist Hydro on the surface. Proceed to dry normally. The result? A beautiful glossy slick surface with solid protection. Why wax when you can Hydro?

    Clarity: A powerful glass cleaner that cuts through grime, smoke and off-gassing, leaving a brilliant, streak-free finish. Clarity is without alcohol or ammonia, making it safe for all glass surfaces, including tinted windows. Can also be used to clean plastics.

    Nero: A water-based vinyl and rubber protectant and dressing for both interior and exterior surfaces. Water-based means no messy, high-shine oils! It leaves the surface with a rich, silky, matte finish. UV inhibitors defend against sun damage. Nero has excellent durability. Suggested uses: dash, exterior plastic trim, tires, and any other plastic or vinyl surfaces.

    Mystique Auto Wash: Welcome to an entirely new experience in vehicle cleaning! This super-concentrated formula lubricates the surface as it safely lifts dirt and sheets it away. Unique polymers brighten the paint while leaving it feeling slick and conditioned. Of course, Mystique will not strip wax.

    Paradise Monster Fluffy: Simply the thickest, plushest microfiber towel we have ever seen. The fibers measure 1/4" long...on one side! When folded in 4ths as shown in the picture, the towel is 3" thick! It is so soft that customers have asked if it is really microfiber. It is indeed.

    Paradise Microfiber Skinny Pad: One of the biggest problems with applicator pads is wasted product. The Paradise Skinny offers a solution. The center sponge is just thick enough to soften pressure as you apply wax or work in polish, without being so thick it absorbs an unnecessary amount of product. The pile is short with a suede-like feel. It is perfect for applying sealant

    Paradise All-Purpose Microfiber: Our utility, all-purpose microfiber is an extremely high quality towel with a split fiber looped pile. The dense weave makes it ideal for applying and removing leather treatment and vinyl protectant. Excellent for drying and cleaning wheels due to its compact size. Although safe for all car finishes, a towel with a longer pile would be a better choice for wax and polish removal.

    Platinum microfiber towel: The long, plush side of the Paradise Platinum microfiber towel is well suited for use with a detailing spray. The long fibers grab dust and pull it away from the finish. The towel's thickness also helps retain liquid, eliminating streaks. When used to remove polish or wax, the short looped pile side provides excellent structure, while the longer pile of the reverse side safely buffs to an outstanding shine. With more than 220,000 threads per square inch, the Paradise Platinum Dual Pile is one of the plushest towels on the market.

    Paradise Waffle Weave Drying Towel: Through frequent seasonal testing, we have found that our Waffle absorbs water quickly and immediately rather than pushing it around. The result is a dry, streak-free finish even on cold days. The Paradise Waffle measures 20 x 40 so you get plenty of surface area in an easy-to-manage shape. Give it a try and find out for yourself why our Waffle has been so popular.

    Paradise Glass Cleaning Cloth: This amazing microfiber cloth is so effective at cleaning glass, that often a glass cleaning chemical isn't even required. It features a very low-pile cut in a zigzag pattern, which literally attracts and removes off-gassing, residue, smudges and oily finger prints. The efficient cleaning action is truly a time saver.

    Installation Notes

    Installation Difficulty: SIMPLE (No Tools, Anyone Can Install)

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      Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

      Order with confidence! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for exchange or refund. This product carries a 1 year manufacturers warranty. See our terms of sale for full details.

      Notes / Warnings

      Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

      Installation: SIMPLE - No Tools, Anyone Can Install

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        | Posted by | (Victoria, British Columbia)

        this stuff is unbelievable!!!! I want to wax my car again hahahah

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