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Paint Chip Repair for BMW

Car Care - Repair for BMW

Repair stone chips on your bumper or hood today, with this custom mixed paint chip repair kit, available in any BMW color. ... learn more
Fits All BMW Vehicles
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Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required
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Product Details

Paint Chip Repair from Bimmian PaintWerke

Product Introduction

Are there unsightly chips or scratches on your car, but you just can't justify the cost at the body shop to have them repaired? We understand, and may have your solution!

Features and Benefits Of This Product

Our simple 2-step process allows anyone to professionally repair chips quickly and easily, and in a fraction of the time it would take using regular factory touch-up paint, or paint pens, with far better results.
Our paint is a unique formulation of high-quality automotive tints and chemicals that is not available through any other store or dealership. The product is applied and dries very quickly, enabling you to blend away any excess paint, leaving paint only in the chips. When used in accordance with the directions, you get great results and won't find a faster, more simple and effective way to permanently repair chips.

Please bear in mind that this product is a specialized, paint chip repair/touch-up kit. It is not a general solution for all paint repairs, nor is it a substitute for the body shop. However, if you are not inclined or unable to use the services of a body shop, our system is sure to be your best alternative.

To ensure that you get the freshest paint, each order is custom-mixed at the time that you place your order. The turnaround time is quick. Your order usually ships the next business day. Because we mix each order individually, we can match any BMW paint color. If your paint color is not listed, please choose the OTHER option as listed on our ordering screen and we will contact you for details.

Our paint system is primarily designed to address chips, but it will work well on certain types of scratches, and poorly on others. There are several variables that determine repair quality:

  • Deep Scratches: Deep, narrow scratches (1/16" or less) down to the metal will usually hold paint. As our paint is instantly malleable, in this case, tacky, yet removable, there is some flexibility in finessing the paint into place. Various brushes included in the kit will also allow for more precise painting of scratches that can't effectively be repaired by our standard process.

  • Wide Scratches: Wide scratches (1/16" or greater), gashes or other large defects will likely need to have the paint applied and left as is. Filling and spraying this type of damage is the only way to get a 'like new' repair.

  • Light Surface Scratches: Generally these can be buffed out. If you can feel them with your fingernail, they might come out completely with some wet-sanding and buffing. Otherwise, our precision brush can be used to lightly apply the paint over the scratch and left as is.

  • Key Scratches - We do not recommend buying our kit specifically for repairing damage caused by key scratches unless the vehicle color is dark, and the scratch is short and deep. A long key scratch on a light silver or gold car will show almost no difference, even if the paint completely fills the scratch. However, if you are not inclined to pay for a body shop repair, the special brushes in the kit will help you make the best repair possible.

  • Vehicle Color - The color of the vehicle is key to the outcome of the repair. Repairs to darker colors always have better results than lighter colors. A repair to a scratch on a black or dark red metallic vehicle will always have greater success than on a light silver or gold vehicle.

    Our paint provides great results on chips repair to painted bumpers and molding. If you have large gouges or missing plastic, all you can do is apply the paint and leave it as is.

    We use OEM formulations supplied by top paint manufacturers to match the color code. Many color codes have variants, or slightly different formulations for the same code due to different production lots or manufacturing locations. The deviations are usually quite minor, and for touch-up purposes, it is highly unlikely that you'll notice much difference in color. In the event your color is noticeably different, we will definitely work with you to resolve any color match issues.

    When attempting a repair on a light silver or gold metallic finish, it's better to use the small-tipped brush, apply paint sparingly and leave it as is. Please note that some of our light metallic paints are made with domestically produced metallic flake, which is polished on one side only. When the paint is applied in a small blob, the flake will turn over and appear darker in color. This darker effect is apparent in the bottle and cap lid after shaking. Once smeared, the flake will re-align itself and appear bright again.

    As all repairs are unique, we realize that for various reasons our paint kit may not be the answer to every situation. This is why we try to give you as much information about our product's limitations and offer photo examples to better help you formulate reasonable expectations.

    Our supplier is available to answer any questions or address any problems you may encounter when applying the paint. We can usually walk you through some steps to resolve the issue. Also, our paints are mixed by hand one at a time, and while we're pretty darn good, we can occasionally screw up an order. If your color match appears off, please contact us and describe the discrepancy. We'll do our best to correct it and ship you another bottle at no charge. If we can't get it right, we'll refund your purchase price upon return of the kit, guaranteed! This guarantee is at the sole discretion of the product manufacturer.
  • Available Options

    Chip Repair Systems come in 2 sizes:

  • STANDARD SIZE: Includes: 1/2 oz paint and 2 oz sealer for $49

  • SQUIRT 'N SQUEEGEE: Includes 1 oz paint and 4 oz sealer for $65 (only $16 more for double and the squeegee system!)

    Perfect for cars with a lot of chips and road rash!
  • What's Inside The Box


  • 1/2 oz bottle of OEM match paint
  • 2 oz of SealAct blending solution
  • 1 ultra paint brush
  • 2 microbrushes
  • 1 microfiber towel
  • 1 nitrile glove
  • 1 white blending cloth
  • 1 instruction sheet


  • 1 oz Squirt Applicator OEM Matched Paint
  • 4 oz SealAct Blending Solution
  • 1 Flex Clear 3" x 1 1/2" Beveled Squeegee
  • 1 Ultra Paint Brush
  • 2 Microbrushes
  • 1 Microfiber Towel
  • 1 Nitrile Glove
  • 1 Wiping Blending Cloth
  • Instructions/Application tips included
  • Installation Notes


    Installation Difficulty: BASIC (Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required)

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    This Product Fits
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      Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

      Order with confidence! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for exchange or refund. This product carries a 1 year manufacturers warranty. See our terms of sale for full details.

      Notes / Warnings

      Due to the custom nature of this product, we do not accept returns for purchases / cancellations for orders that are no longer needed or due to mistakes in ordering or for repairs not intended for our paint.
      Please keep in mind that this product is designed for chips and not scratches wider than 1/16 of an inch. We do not recommend this product for scratches.

      Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

      Installation: BASIC - Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required

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      Common Questions

      1. Question :

        My cars paint colour is not listed? Can you get me a kit for my car?

      2. Answer :

        Yes we can! We carry repair kits for ALL OEM colors for BMW and other vehicles. If your color is not listed please choose [UNLISTED COLOR] and we will contact you for your paint code.

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