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Mobile GPS Navigation System for BMW

Electronics - In-Car Entertainment for BMW

The new Android based GPS Multimedia system is here! Packed with features, this unit looks like OEM. ... learn more
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Price: $595

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Special Tools or Specialized Knowledge May Be Required
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Product Details

Mobile GPS Navigation System from Bimmian

Product Introduction

The new Android based GPS Multimedia system is here! Unlike other in-dash GPS units, ours runs on the popular Android platform and allows for map and application downloads with tremendous ease, and no licensing issues or need for updating is required.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

Bluetooth, 3G WCDMA and WiFi are supported for a fast, rich, and convenient multimedia and internet experience.

Low on price, but high in features, this in-dash navigation system comes complete with Bluetooth, DVD, iPod, steering wheel controls, USB and many other great features. This is a plug and play system with no need to search for brackets, cables, or adapters to complete the install.

  • Installation can be completed in under an hour
  • Requires NO PERMANENT MODIFICATIONS to your vehicle
    OEM appearance
  • No more unlicensed software like Dynavin and other units on the market. With this Android system, you just buy the GPS software of your choice.

    Click here for the top 5 options.

  • Android Based: Fast, familiar and customizable

  • Mulitmedia Interface: Customizable screen and icons

  • The 5 main screens are quickly accessed by gesturing with your finger.

  • Operating System: Android 4.2 (Pure Android OS)

  • CPU and Frequency: MST786 Cortex A9 Dual Core, 1GHz


  • Built in 8GB iNAND Flash Memory

  • 7 inch 800x480 resolution screen

  • OSD Touch screen: Double tap zoom on-screen feature,dragging function, scrolling function

  • GPS Navigation: download iGo for under $30 and you are all set to navigate (or choose a different progam if you prefer). Once you pay, you own the software.

  • DVD±R/RW, DVD-ROM, CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW (multi-regional DVD plays while driving. in settings > general settings > extra settings - you can control this feature)

  • Media Format: MP3, WMA, MPEG1/2/4, JPEG, DivX, XviD, CD-DA, CD-TEXT

  • Video Format: RMBV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, VOB, MOV, MP4 etc. (supports all formats)

  • Audio Format: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, ACC, OGG, AC3 etc. (supports all formats)

  • Video Input/Output: BT.656 input/24bit digital output

  • Audio Input/Output: IIS / IIS

  • EQ Support: pop, jazz, dance, classic, rock, normal, customized mode, treble/fade/bass/balance,

  • Max Audio Output: 4 X 45W

  • AM Frequency Range: 522-1620KHz(China), 522-1620KHz(Europe), 530-1710KHz(America), 522-
    1620KHz (Russia)

  • FM Frequency Range: 87.5-108MHz(China), 87.5-108MHz(Europe), 87.5-107.9MHz(America), 65-

  • Pre-set Stations: AM 18 / FM 36 preset stations, Support RDS

  • Built-in Bluetooth function: version 2.0 Support A2DP(Bluetooth Music)

  • Digital TV (optional): DVB-T(MPEG4), ATSC, ISDB-T,CMMB (all optional) Connects to most digital TV signals in most countries. Plays while driving

  • iPod compatibility: (30 pin)

  • Mico SD card slot

  • USB input

  • Web browser: (requires connection to your phone data) 3G Support WCDMA 3G dongle or via phone as WiFi hot spot (3G dongle excluded) WiFiSupport, WiFi USB dongle included

  • Custom Steering Wheel Button selection

  • All licensed software: means you wont have an obsolete unit or not be allowed to do updates as with with Dynavin. Android will always be around and updates are usually free.

  • Send and receive emails

  • Messaging

  • Calculator

  • Calendar

  • A/V Outputs for 2 Headrest monitors

  • Input for Rear Camera (sold separately from bimmian.com)

  • Full function remote (takes a CR2032 battery, not included)

  • File management

  • Android Apps Installation via profiles

  • Support download, install and delete over 200,000 android apps

  • Desktop Applications, Weather, live wallpaper

  • Optional: 3G Dongle ,Digital TV box, Rear Camera

  • Available Options

    These units are available for:

  • E90 (non-idrive)

  • E46

  • E38, E39, X5 E53

    Please note: The video on this web page is all that is available for operations instructions at this time. No operations manual is included.

  • Not for DSP/Logic 7 equipped vehicles.
  • Vehicles with digital sound like Harmon Kardon or Bose may require modification of speaker wire (directly connected to speaker wire harness).
  • If your vehicle has a trunk CD player you will require a special cable to connect to most units. It is only available upon special request and take up to 60 days to acquire.

    Please note that the interface is being constantly updated and improved, and the photos shown here may not represent the latest version of the software. Instructions and video may also differ slightly as a result.

  • What's Inside The Box

  • GPS unit with necessary mounting hardware

  • Relocation trim for buttons and HVAC (where applicable) - Depends on kit ordered

  • Remote control

  • USB stick with preloaded operations software

  • Plug and play wiring harnesses

  • Break-out RCA cable harness for multimedia connections

  • GPS receiver

  • Antenna receiver

  • USB cable

  • iPod 30 pin cable
  • Installation Notes


    Very easy. Almost anyone can do this. It should take only about an hour or so. (unless installing the rear camera.) After trim pieces are removed, two wires (provided) connect the GPS to the vehicle electrical system. You then just run the GPS antenna to a convenient location and attach the GPS to the vehicle using two screws.

    Please see the individual vehicle instructions provided.

    Note that for E46 LEFT HAND DRIVE ONLY, an additional OEM part IS REQUIRED. This part is necessary to relocate the factory heater/AC controls down below to where your storage drawer is currently located (see pictures). Before ordering, check your vehicle interior and note whether the row of buttons above the ashtray are all on one strip (common) or if your buttons are in that row individually with vertical bars between them.

    You will need to know this information at the time of ordering. If you have a RIGHT HAND DRIVE VEHICLE, you will have to order this from BMW directly for your vehicle as we do not stock Right Hand Drive relocation trim.

    If you already have a factory GPS unit in your E46 you will probably already have this relocation trim. Also for E46, some antenna plugs may require an adapter plug that can be found on Amazon.com:



    1. Click the arrow tab at the bottom centre of the main screen

    2. Select "Play Store" icon and login or create a account once you have established a wifi connection

    3. Download apps and use

    (You can also use the "APK installer" from the same icon display window as "Play Store". This gives you access to the SD card slots 1 and 2 and USB port. You can directly remove and install content from these devices if you have them preloaded onto a USB or micro SD card.


    Ensure you have a digital TV signal in your area before ordering this item. Signal strength may vary by location and external factors as the vehicle is moving. Use the plug-and-play cable included to plug the box into your unit. You do not need to plug in any more cables (supplied universal cable is for other GPS devices should you wish to use in the future.)

    To use:

  • Choose the digital TV model in setting>general > extra > TV

  • Enter password:123456 or 7890

  • Box is ready to use

    Installation Difficulty: ADVANCED (Special Tools or Specialized Knowledge May Be Required)
  • Complimentary or Alternate Products

    WeissLicht LED License Plate Illumination UpgradeOEM BMW/MINI Part (Ships From Canada)Mobile Dash MountGauge Rings

    This Product Fits
    (See PRICES & ORDERING tab above for clearer detail)

      Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

      Order with confidence! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for exchange or refund. This product carries a 1 year manufacturers warranty. See our terms of sale for full details.

      Notes / Warnings


      Certain features require a connection to a mobile phone. Mobile phones require a data plan to download apps and new content onto the GPS device.

      If you are unsure if your phone has a data plan please contact your network service provider for details and available plans.

      This GPS unit does NOT come with preloaded map software. Some of the best available offline GPS programs can be found here: Click here for the top 5 options.

      Please note: The video on this web page is all that is available for operations instructions at this time. No operations manual is included.

      Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

      Installation: ADVANCED - Special Tools or Specialized Knowledge May Be Required

      Product Reviews

      Customer Reviews
      Average rating: 5 5 - 2 reviews
      • (5)
        | Posted by | (Claymont, DE)

        Thanks Ed for patience and support during ordering.

      • (5)
        | Posted by | (Mokena, Il)


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      Common Questions

      1. Question :

        Hello, Does the CCD Reverse Camera work with the stock idrive navigation system in the E92 2008 3 series coupe? Thanks!

      2. Answer :

        The reverse camera is automatically activated when you put your car in reverse.

      3. Question :

        1. Can the Digital TV unit can be used in the UK / Internationally and is it configured for UK / International TV channels? If so can the TV be on while the vehicle is in gear? 2. Is the unit compatible with the OEM CD changer in the boot / trunk? 3. Will it play DVD's? If so what region of DVD's does it play? Can the DVD be on while the vehicle is in gear / while driving?

      4. Answer :

        1. The Digital TV can be used to view the TV box to view shows in the UK, and this should work internationally also. The TV can be viewed while the vehicle is in gear / driving. If you go to the following spots and select as follows: - Setting - General Setting - Extra Setting You can see a program to control this function. 2. The unit is compatible with the OEM CD Changer in the boot / trunk, but you will need an extra cable which we currently do not carry. This will need to be purchased separately. If you have a Digital Sound System like Harmon Kardon you will need to modify the speaker wires also. Please consult a local Audio / Video Automotive Technician about this. 3. The unit will play multi-regional DVD's. As long as it is multi-regional. The DVD's can be viewed while the vehicle is in gear / driving.

      5. Question :

        Does this work with vehicles which have DSP? Does this work with vehicles with Logic7?

      6. Answer :

        This product is not compatible with vehicles which have either DSP or Logic7. The wiring is completely different for vehicles with that option.

      7. Question :

        Would my iPhone conmect to this even if it's a android system

      8. Answer :

        As long as the IPhone can be tethered then you can use it with our Mobile GPS Navigation System.

      9. Question :

        Is this product come with satellite radio?

      10. Answer :

        This unit does not come with satellite radio, however it does have an AUX IN port on the back (RCA style) where you could plug in your own receiver to get the sound through the vehicle speakers.

      11. Question :

        I have a vehicle with factory navigation but does not have DSP. Will this system work in my BMW?

      12. Answer :

        Yes, it should work, but to be sure, please verify that you can find this connector going into the radio module box in the trunk where all your NAV hardware is (and dvd drive is). The plug you are looking for is found on page 44 of this document on the lower left: http://www.bimmian.com/elements/page.htm/instructions.ht/GPS/GPS46.pdf If you can find that, then this will work fine for you!

      13. Question :

        I have an E90. I want to know is the alternate face place that moves the AC buttons down included with this item

      14. Answer :

        Yes, it is included, it is part of the bezel of the new unit on the E90.

      15. Question :

        I am interested in this unit, but I have the logic 7 system stereo. Will another unit be released that will be compatible with logic 7?

      16. Answer :

        Unfortunately, due to the complex circuitry of the logic 7 system it will not be possible to create a radio that works with that system. The only way around this is if you were to install an aftermarket amplifier, thereby bypassing all logic7 functionality and components.

      17. Question :

        Hi, will this product still allow me to use the controls on my steering wheel

      18. Answer :

        The great thing about this unit, is that it was designed specifically for your BMW vehicle. Unlike the "Generic" in-dash units offered by other vendors, both the functionality and Design of this unit were made to match and compliment your BMW vehicle. All the steering wheel functions that you currently enjoy will also work with this GPS unit.

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      Prices & Ordering
      For BMW E38
        In-Dash GPS Navigation / Multimedia Unit
      $ 595
      $ 595
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      (In Stock)
      For BMW E39
        In-Dash GPS Navigation / Multimedia Unit
      $ 595
      $ 595
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      For BMW E53 X5
        In-Dash GPS Navigation / Multimedia Unit)
      $ 595
      $ 595
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