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Sprint Booster Throttle Remapper for BMW

Electronics - Performance for BMW

Improve the throttle response of your Drive-by-Wire system easily. ... learn more
Fits All BMW Vehicles
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Price: $319

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Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required
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Product Details

Sprint Booster Throttle Remapper

Product Introduction

Improve the throttle response of your Drive-by-Wire system and tweak your vehicle's response to uphill starts, quick gearchanges, overtaking and more. Sprint Booster Throttle Remapper compensates for subdued response and puts the fun back in driving.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

All modern BMW vehicles employ DRIVE BY WIRE technology, where a signal is sent to the ECU controlling the throttle. This is an electronic control, not a direct physical linkage to the throttle and as such, has some inherent limitations.

The fundamental hindrance with drive-by-wire or DBW technology, is that when the pedal is depressed, the input will be modified before forwarding the signal to the ECU. This signal is modified to add some delay. This configuration is employed to make the acceleration of the car smoother and less aggressive and is standard operating procedure in an effort to allow car manufacturers to get a higher approval rating from the majority of non performance-oriented consumers.

Those with a high interest in vehicle performance, however, want to have more direct control over acceleration. By installing the sprint booster throttle remapper, the CPU chip inside the sprint booster affects the DBW system as follows:

1) Eliminates the lag between pedal input and throttle reaction, making for more immediate vehicle response when you press on the pedal.

2) Removes the restrictions on throttle opening allowing up to a 33% wider opening, allowing for more power to be generated at lower RPM ranges. It does not increase overall horsepower, just where this horsepower is made.

3) Abolishes non-linear response and maps the pedal input and throttle opening in a linear fashion. So, if the pedal is depressed 20%, the throttle will respond in kind and open 20%. Press the pedal down 50% and the throttle will open 50%, and so on. Without the Sprint Booster, the throttle may only open 10% when the throttle is calling for 20%, when you press down 40% it may open 25% and when you press down 100% it may open 75%. This is not linear and is not a natural way of driving.

The Sprint Booster improves acceleration by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal provided by the ETC's potentiometer, and providing the ECM with a new and altered signal.
These benefits combine to provide a much more enjoyable driving experience. The vehicle feels much more responsive, powerful and fun to drive.

The design of the Sprint Booster allows for its easy installation in all models, without the need to cut any wires (plug and play) or intervene in the automobile's electronics (it does not affect other systems such as electronic injection, ABS, etc.)

The ultra compact design allows the driver to place the selector switch anywhere on the dashboard according his personal preference and convenience.

The device comes with 3 acceleration modes: Off, Sport, and Race and 36 acceleration programs in total (18 manual & 18 automatic) that ensure flexibility and overall control over the car's acceleration.

OFF MODE: Sprint Booster is deactivated. The response of the car has the factory settings. The LED of the Selector switch is OFF.

SPORT MODE: Sprint Booster provides improved response of up to 30%. The LED of the selector switch in Sport mode is Green.

RACE MODE: Sprint Booster provides improved response of up to 60%. The LED of the selector switch in Race mode is Red.

The new Special features Valet mode and Pedal lock mode allow the driver to disable the acceleration ability (pedal lock) as well as limit the rate of acceleration (Valet mode) when not driving the vehicle.

The Sprint Booster is aimed at all drivers with ECT-equipped cars, who desire a safer and more exciting automotive experience.

  • At low revs, the engine responds at approximately half the time in comparison to before.

  • The delay time while accelerating in 3rd and 4th gear and the engine in the mid-range, is almost zero.

  • Big differences in the higher rev range.

  • Improved response for downshifts and safer overtaking.

  • Overall safety and more fun on the road!

Each Acceleration mode comes with 9 programs/steps:

Select 1-9 in SPORT mode (Green light) and 1-9 in RACE mode (Red light) with '1' being the least aggressive program and '9' the most aggressive.

The Acceleration programs are switched by pressing the two arrow buttons on the top (left to decrease and right to increase).

By selecting the desired acceleration program in each mode, the driver can fine-tune each mode according his or her driving style (e.g. select SPORT -9 & RACE-5).

Transmission Types

Sprint Booster modes and programs are transmission type specific for better function and performance.

The driver can select the transmission type via a switch located on the right side of the selector switch. The device will automatically adjust the programs according to the type of transmission selected. There are 36 programs in total - 18 for manual transmission and 18 for automatic transmission.

When Manual is selected, a red dot will appear on the screen to indicate the manual transmission. When Automatic is selected, there will be no red dot on the screen.


Sprint Booster comes with two new special features: VALET MODE and PEDAL LOCK MODE.


Valet mode can limit the acceleration of the vehicle in one of three selectable levels. Increments of 55%, 65% or 75% can be activated through a 3-digit PIN. By limiting the acceleration there will be a significant reduction in vehicle performance (Power and Torque).


The Pedal Lock mode provides extra protection against unauthorized vehicle use, providing extra protection against unauthorized vehicle use. The driver can deactivate the acceleration ability of the vehicle through a 3-digit PIN. The menu for VALET and PEDAL LOCK MODE may be accessed when the vehicle is stationary and in OFF MODE by pressing the two arrow buttons simultaneously.


SEMA best new performance-street product award - 2010
SEMA Global media award 2009
SEMA Global media award 2010
SEMA Global media award 2011

The Sprint Booster is designed, manufactured and patented in Greece, and is TUV safety-approved.

Available Options

  • 36 Acceleration programs (18 manual & 18 auto)
  • Valet mode
  • Pedal lock mode
  • Ultra-compact size / New Design
  • Up to 3 microprocessors
  • Plug n Play installation
  • Select the desired acceleration program or switch back to factory settings in real time.
  • Device will work with or without the use of the selector switch.
  • No additional power is required for the switch

What's Inside The Box

  • Sprint Booster Device
  • Selector Switch
  • Double Sided tape
  • Tie wrap
  • User Guide
  • Quick Start Installation Instructions

Installation Notes

1. Choose the type of transmission (Manual/Automatic):

On the right side of the selector, there is a slide switch. Using a pointed object (pen/pin/paper clip, etc.) move the switch to one of the two positions depending on the type of your vehicle's transmission. Move to 'M/T' position for vehicles equipped with manual transmission or to 'A/T' position for vehicles equipped with automatic transmission. For 'semi-automatic' transmissions (DCT, S tronic, DSG, PDK, SMG, ..etc) move to 'A/T' position.

When the slide switch is in the 'M/T' position (manual) a red dot will appear on the LED display indicating the selection of manual transmission once you operate the device.
Never change this selection while driving.

2. Connecting the Selector Switch:

As soon as you select the type of transmission, you will need to connect the Selector Switch to the Sprint Booster: Locate the white socket on the Sprint Booster, take the Selector switch's connector and connect it to the Sprint Booster.

3. Open the vehicle's door and remove the car keys from the car:

With the door open, wait for 10 minutes before you install the device. During this time, the vehicle checks the electronic systems of the car through the CAN bus system. This step is important to allow the CAN bus system to complete the diagnostic testing and avoid having the check engine light switch On.

4. Installing Sprint Booster:

a) Locate the harness connector on the accelerator pedal.

b) Remove the harness connector from the pedal.

c) Connect the Sprint Booster on the pedal. Make sure that the Sprint Booster is properly aligned
with the pedal's connector during installation.

d) Connect the harness connector on the Sprint Booster.

e) After you install the device on the pedal, you can attach the selector switch anywhere on the dashboard using the double-sided tape (included). Before attaching the selector switch, clean the selected area of your dashboard with a dry cloth. Always make sure that the wire does not interfere with your foot or the accelerator pedal. Use the enclosed tie wrap to wrap the spare wire.

Installation Difficulty: BASIC (Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required)

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This Product Fits
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    Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

    Order with confidence! This product carries a 1-year manufacturers warranty. This is a custom non-refundable item. You may exchange for a site credit if the device has not been installed within the first 15 days of the order date.

    See our terms of sale for full details.

    Notes / Warnings

    Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

    Installation: BASIC - Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required

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    Product Reviews

    Customer Reviews
    Average rating: 5 5 - 1 reviews
    • (5)
      | Posted by | (Cotati, CA)

      Man I wish I had bought this the day I bought the car. The stick throttle mapping is so bizarre, at almost no point does 10% throttle equal 10% output. This fixes all that. Install took about 10 minutes on an E70 M, one Allen bolt removes the throttle pedal, the rest is plug and ay. In Race mode, level 9, the throttle is super sensitive and rarely requires much input. No adverse effects on steering weight like other brands. Highly recommended, the car now feels like a supercar, as it is!

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    Common Questions

    1. Question :

      If I have one a Sprint Booster made for a Manuel Transmission Vehicle and I'm trying to install it on a Automatic Transmission Vehicle will it work?

    2. Answer :

      Our company reached out to them directly and the answer for the question is: If you have a Sprint Booster designed for a Manual Transmission Vehicle and install it on an Automatic Transmission Vehicle it will not work. If you have a Sprint Booster for an Automatic Transmission and attempt to install it on a Manual Transmission Vehicle it often will work. It is not a guarantee but it is possible based on what they have found. Please note: These are still vehicle specific and that is the first thing to consider when installing a Sprint Booster.

    3. Question :

      Is the juice box jb3 and sprint booster the same thing?

    4. Answer :

      No, they are different products. The Juice Box is like a chip for your vehicle that adds horsepower and torque. The sprint booster is like a sport button in your vehicle, that takes away any delay or lag when you hit the accelerator. It does NOT add any horsepower, but allows you to gain speed quicker by remapping your throttle.

    5. Question :

      Is this different than the Juicebox?

    6. Answer :

      Yes, the Sprintbooster and Juicebox are different products. The sprintbooster doesn't add horsepower to your vehicle, it merely remaps your throttle and allow for faster acceleration. It gets you from 0 to 60 faster. The Juicebox does add horsepower to your vehicle. The amount of horsepower depends on your car and which kit you get.

    7. Question :

      Does this fit my 2004 E46 330Cd (Diesel engine)?

    8. Answer :

      Yes, Sprintbooster has confirmed that this is compatible with the diesel engine.

    9. Question :

      Will this product cause any fault codes, resulting in a check engine light?

    10. Answer :

      No, it will not as long as you make sure its plugged in securely.

    11. Question :

      i have a 2000 328ci 5 speed, and vie done research that it wouldn't fit my car because it doesn't have a drive by wire, is this true?

    12. Answer :

      yes, unfortunately, this is true, it would not work on your year 2000 vehicle.

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     All Vehicles with Automatic Transmission:
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     All Vehicles with Manual Transmission:
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