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Lighting - Turn Signal Lights for BMW

WeissLicht brings you dual color, LED turn indicator bulbs. White when on, orange when blinking for a clean, modern effect. ... learn more
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Product Details

from WeissLicht

Product Introduction

WeissLicht Spektrum Switchback bulbs adopt an innovative design that creates an ultra-bright, amber signalling/white parking light bulb.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

Spektrum bulbs from WeissLicht feature characteristics that make them the first bulbs that are completely ERROR FREE! No additional components such as error cancellers, wiring or custom sockets are required. All you need is the bulb; simply INSTALL & GO!

(Please note that there are rare cases where add on resistor packs are required on very sensitive vehicle systems).


Error Free Operation (no additional components required)

Built-In Signal Delay Circuit When our bulb start to flash amber for signalling, they do not turn to white parking lights until the signal cycle is complete by allowing for a longer delay than a signal flashing sequence. This prevents the bulb from turning white between signals.

Up to 8X brighter than OEM white bulbs (white version)

Specifically Designed to work with your BMW lenses, sockets and onboard computer.

Lifetime Warranty! Simply put, it's the last bulb you'll need to buy.


Most Compact Super Powerful 5 watt LED Sources
Spektrum uses one of the most powerful and compact 5 watt LED light sources available on the market today. It is even more powerful than competitors LEDs of the same wattage. Made by CREE Japan.

Best Available LED Bulb Concealment
Ultra compact LED source points for the best concealed LED bulbs available. Even little LEDs reflect greatly in your cars lens when off. Any colour source will spill and be magnified in your lens.

"Maximum Illumination" Design
Our LED point sources are super-powerful CREE 2x2mm and are found on 4 side only. This balance allows for ultimate concealment while maintaining maximum output. A total of 10 LED (50 watts).

Best Combination of LEDs
Spektrum reduces the amount of LEDs used as well as their size. This increases concealment and reduces heat. Although Switchback bulbs have twice as many LEDs on the sides as the standard Spektrum signal bulbs, Switchbacks do not overheat because the signal is on only for a short time. This gives you the brightest signal bulbs with a long life LED source.

Heat Dissipating Aluminum Body
Spektrum bulbs features an all aluminum body with untextured polished surfaces to reflect more light.

Heat Resistant Lenses
Heat resistant lenses around the body and on top do not melt or fog up with continuous use. Not only that but our lenses are larger than the competition, for maximum light output.

This bulb design has been mimicked by many manufacturers lately because it works! But no one offers our clean, polished design, our powerful, concealed LED chip sets, our build quality, warranty and guaranteed performance!

Be very careful of unnecessarily high wattages like 50 and 80 watts. Manufacturers are simply putting the highest output LEDs into their bulbs without adequate cooling or testing of the construction materials. This practice runs the risk of melting your lens or starting a fire. Also,


These high wattages and multi-led bulbs are less concealable and unnecessarily bright, without proper heat dissipation.

WeissLicht Spectrum bulbs have been extensively tested for safety and life expectancy, and they are already several times brighter than OEM. Our tests indicate safe operation levels of 30 watts for bulbs with this kind of body design and heat sink system. This gives us confidence to offer a lifetime warranty on our bulbs. What do other manufacturers offer? Accept no substitute!

Available Options

Spektrum Switchback bulbs are only available for vehicle that take 1157 style bulbs.

Installation Notes

Installation Difficulty: SIMPLE (No Tools, Anyone Can Install)

Complimentary or Alternate Products

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This Product Fits
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    Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

    Notes / Warnings

    Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

    Installation: SIMPLE - No Tools, Anyone Can Install

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