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Painted Accessories For BMW
Looking to create a real show stopper look for your BMW Consider replacing select parts with BMW painted parts that match the color of your vehicle. Adding color matched, painted BMW parts such as grilles, reflectors, lip spoilers or roof spoilers will make your car look phenomenal. Adding painted accessories to your BMW is an easy and cost-effective method of boosting the styling of your vehicle. If you require assistance we are just a phone call away and can be reached at 646-547-1146 in the USA, 416-613-5882 in Canada, +44 20 3298 1592 in the UK or toll-free at 888-884-4269.

Painted Parts

Painted Accessories for BMW

Bimmian provides numerous body color-matched products to give your BMW a unique and aggressive look. From grills, to spoilers, reflectors to license plate holders, Bimmian starts with OEM specified parts that are thoroughly inspected for precision fit, and flaws.

After inspection, our professional coating team paints the parts to an exact match of your vehicle\'s body color using Glasurit, the highest quality German paint available on the market. Using our downdraft paint booths and fast curing ovens, each part receives the utmost care, and attention to detail.

Our painting process is governed by following standards and principles:

  • OEM Paint - Original equipment manufacturer paints guarantee an exact match to your BMW factory color
  • Clean room conditions - Diminishes the possibility of scratches or dust particulates settling on the painted products
  • Adequate drying time - Parts are allotted sufficient drying time prior to packaging, eliminating the chance of blotching or smearing
  • Clear Coating - The final clear coat is an important step in any high quality painted accessory and gives the paint its shine
  • Proficiency with BMW paint colors - BMWs have some of the most coveted paint colors in the market. Ensure your painted parts supplier has the expertise to properly mix and handle these exceptional colors