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UUC Short Shift Kit for BMW

Performance - Transmission & Shifting for BMW

The UUC Ultimate Short Shifter is unique. Aircraft-grade aluminum, precision bearings, self-adjusting primary pivot bearing, and the finest-grade silicone. ... learn more
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Product Details

UUC Short Shift Kit

Product Introduction

Nothing that can make every drive more satisfying like the "snick-snick" feeling of a precision shifter. Too bad BMWs are not known for that, and that is where UUC Motorwerks steps in.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

here is a reason UUC's short shifter for BMWs has been acclaimed as "the best at any price" in a major enthusiast's magazine, and why it is the single choice for competitors in Speedvision's Touring Car, CCA, and Grand Am race series.

The reasons for all the acclaim and professional racer use? Simple:

The UUC Ultimate Short Shifter is unique, completely different than anything else available. Our design starts with the finest materials: T-304 stainless steel, T-6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, precision bearings, self-adjusting and lubricating primary pivot bearing, and the finest-grade silicone vibration absorbing material. Our products are not modified BMW components, and they are not "one size fits all" as with lesser offerings.
In the interest of continually improving our product, we are always developing and testing modifications intended to bring "ultimate" to higher levels. With that in mind, our latest generation brings the BMW shifter to a new level of smoothness and minimized shift effort.

UUC's in-house manufacturing tolerances are "mil spec" using the latest CAM-controlled machining and milling equipment. Our ongoing dedication to quality and ultimate precision would tolerate nothing less.

UUC technical support and customer service is available by phone during business hours, and often by e-mail after hours. No matter what the question or issue, we guarantee a satisfactory outcome.

By using in-house professional engineering staff and outside materials and manufacturing experts, our ever-growing line of BMW shifters addresses each and every "compromise" of the shifter system. The enhanced precision, direct feel, and super-smooth action cannot be duplicated by any means other than our sort of our precision assembly. How do we do this?

-100% stainless steel, machined to exacting tolerances for a flex-free lever.
-Lower pivot point enhanced with standard stainless steel bearings.
-Primary pivot equipped with self-adjusting bearing mechanism that retains lubrication.
-Delrin carrier bushings that eliminate carrier movement.
-Precise calculations of linkage geometry and ergonomic placement (correct shifter position).

Available Options

Double Shear Selector Rod Available for most BMW models

The goal.

While producing a "short" shifter, our more important goal in improving the BMW shifter assembly is to increase the precision and smoothness of the overall operation.

The problem.

One significant wear area that has never been addressed previously is the wear and ovalization of the linkage connection points at the transmission and the shifter's lower pivot.

The cure.

A temporary fix is to simply replace the selector joint. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary fix as the new joint's bushing will exhibit the same rapid deformation. To permanently fix this, a change in the fundamental design of the pivot is required, changing the assembly to a double shear system with the UUC Double Shear Selector Rod (DSSR).

In-gear "free play" is reduced to approximately 10mm total when used with a UUC



Installation Notes

Installation Difficulty: ADVANCED (Special Tools or Specialized Knowledge May Be Required)

Complimentary or Alternate Products

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This Product Fits
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    Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

    Order with confidence! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for exchange or refund. This product carries a 1 year manufacturers warranty. See our terms of sale for full details.

    Notes / Warnings

    Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

    Installation: ADVANCED - Special Tools or Specialized Knowledge May Be Required

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    Prices& Ordering

    Prices & Ordering
    For 5-series / E39 - 1997+ 540i
      EVO3 Ultimate Short Shifter
    $ 325
    $ 325
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    (In Stock)
    For 5-series / E39 - 2000+ M5
      EVO3 Ultimate Short Shifter
    $ 325
    $ 325
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    (In Stock)
    For 3-series / E46 - M3 - up to 1/04 production date
      Double Shear Selection Rod (DSSR)
    $ 129
    $ 129
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    (In Stock)
    For 3-series / E46 - M3 – after 1/04 production date
      Double Shear Selection Rod (DSSR)
    $ 129
    $ 129
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    (In Stock)
      Short Shifter + Selection Rod Combo Kit (EVO3 + DSSR)
    $ 449
    $ 449
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    (In Stock)
    For Z8 E52 - 2000+ Z8
      EVO3 Ultimate Short Shifter
    $ 325
    $ 325
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    (In Stock)