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Mechunik Protective Color Stripes for Wheels for BMW

Styling - Exterior for BMW

A high quality, lightweight rim protection system available in several colors. ... learn more
Fits All BMW Vehicles
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Price: $55

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Product Details

Mechunik Protective Color Stripes for Wheels from Bimmian

Product Introduction

The team behind Rim Savers have put their collective years of experience and expertise into the design and manufacture of a product that both looks great, and offers superior protection for your alloy wheel investment.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • The team behind Rim Savers have designed more rim protectors than any other manufacturer of similar products

  • Rim Savers are the result of evolution in design, applying the best attributes toward creating a superior product through testing and innovation

  • Offers the most comprehensive protection available

  • Easy, do it yourself installation

  • Use as a preventative measure - protects rims from curb rash before it happens

  • Covers up existing rim damage saving on wheel refurbishment costs

  • One universal size that fits most modern alloy wheels up to 22" diameter (24" for USA)

  • Made from a tough and durable UV stable plastic

  • Thin wall design keeps overall weight down, reducing rotational mass

  • A double sealing lip keeps out brake dust, road salt, wheel cleaners and other environmental debris ensuring that the application of the Rim Saver and its adhesion to the wheel endures

  • Wipe clean surface that is not discolored by brake dust

  • Suitable for all weather conditions

  • Available in several colors - blend in with your paint or choose something to make you stand out

  • Injection molded joining clips are included in the installation kit to cover the cut ends of the strip. Provides a clean finish to your installation.
  • Available Options

    Each kit is available in your choice of Red, Silver, Black, Blue, White, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Pink or Lime.

    What Its Made From

    Rim Savers are fabricated using an advanced plastic polymer with high strength, rigidity and resilience. The product design employs a sacrificial barrier, covering the alloy wheel edge which is intended to absorb curb impact.

    What's Inside The Box

  • 4 x Rim Savers rim protectors
  • 4 x Rim Savers wheel cleaning wipes
  • 4 x Rim Savers adhesion promoter pens
  • 4 x Joining clips in your color choice
  • 1 x Tube of adhesive for clips
  • Installation Notes

    1) Thoroughly clean the area of application on the alloy wheel rims, using the IPA cleaning wipes provided.

    2) Break/crack the glass vial within the plastic tubed adhesion promoter pen.

    3) Test the felt head of the pen on a piece of cardboard or other scrap to confirm that the primer is flowing.

    4) Apply the primer around the area of application on the wheel rim surface, ensuring good coverage and allow primer to dry for five minutes.

    5) Remove the red backing tape and begin applying the rim saver, using the top lip as a fitting guide.

    6) Mark the rim save strip where the ends meet and trim.

    7) Apply firm pressure to ensure adequate bonding.

    8) Optional fitting kit. Use adhesive provided to secure area where the ends of the strip meet.

    9) Allow 24 hours for bonding and prior to driving over 40 MPH. Bonding is complete after 72 hours.

    Installation Difficulty: SIMPLE (No Tools, Anyone Can Install)

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    This Product Fits
    (See PRICES & ORDERING tab above for clearer detail)

    One universal size that fits most modern alloy wheels up to 22" diameter (24" for USA).

    NOTE-Rim Savers require a flat or very slightly curved mounting surface. They are not suitable for curved lip wheels.

    Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

    Order with confidence! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for exchange or refund. This product carries a 1 year manufacturers warranty. See our terms of sale for full details.

    Notes / Warnings

  • Do not fit in cold or damp environments unless using warm air to warm and dry wheel surface

  • Any primer residue can be removed with IPA wipes

  • Balance weights need to be fitted inside the wheels and removed from lip

  • This product will not adhere well to wheels coated in low surface energy coatings/cleaners

  • This product will not adhere well to wheels with silicone residue left from cleaning solutions

  • Inspect your Rim Savers on a regular basis and replace any damaged strips

  • Allow bonding for 24 hours before driving over 40 mph. 100% bond reached after 72 hours

    Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.
  • Installation: SIMPLE - No Tools, Anyone Can Install

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    Prices& Ordering

    Prices & Ordering
    For Any Vehicle
     Set of 4:
      Black (Up to 24 inch diameter)
    $ 55
    $ 55
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    (In Stock)
      Blue (Up to 24 inch diameter)
    $ 55
    $ 55
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    (In Stock)
      Gold (Up to 24 inch diameter)
    $ 55
    $ 55
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    (In Stock)
      Lime Green (Up to 24 inch diameter)
    $ 55
    $ 55
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    (In Stock)
      Orange (Up to 24 inch diameter)
    $ 55
    $ 55
    add_shopping_cartAdd To Cart
    (In Stock)
      Pink (Up to 24 inch diameter)
    $ 55
    $ 55
    add_shopping_cartAdd To Cart
    (In Stock)
      Red (Up to 24 inch diameter)
    $ 55
    $ 55
      Silver (Up to 24 inch diameter)
    $ 55
    $ 55
      White (Up to 24 inch diameter)
    $ 55
    $ 55
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    (In Stock)
      Yellow (Up to 24 inch diameter)
    $ 55
    $ 55
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    (In Stock)