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Mechunik Protective Color Stripes for Wheels for BMW

Wheels & Accessories - Styling for BMW

Protect your expensive wheels from curb rash, or conceal existing damage with our easy to install protection strips. ... learn more
Fits All BMW Vehicles
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Price: $49

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Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required
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Product Details

Mechunik Protective Color Stripes for Wheels

Product Introduction

Nothing could be worse than damaging your expensive alloy wheel rims due to curb damage or road debris. Protect your investment and even cover up existing markings using our easy to fit, self-adhesive alloy wheel protectors, available in several colors to match your rims or enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle. These strips are the latest innovation in alloy wheel protection and style, and are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom using quality materials.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

Expertly designed to offer both unrivalled performance and good value, Rim Protective Strips are an easy to install solution. Unlike other alloy wheel protectors, our strips eliminate the need to jack the car up, deflate the tire or install anything that interferes with the tire bead seat.

This saves you time without compromising the safety and performance of your wheel or tire. While the installation is quite easy, you may be required to rotate the wheel by moving the vehicle forward or backward slightly to accommodate the installation.

Available Options

We offer strips in two universal sizes, accommodating alloy wheel rim sizes up to 22 inches in diameter. Custom sizes available to order for wheels over 22 inches in diameter. Contact us for details.

Mechunik Protective Strips feature a curved profile, allowing you to match your rim edge perfectly, and with our new and improved adhesive, your rim protection will stay in place! Create the illusion of larger alloy wheel rims with our Rim Protective Strips - available in six colors.

What's Inside The Box

  • 4 strips that can accommodate up to 22 inch wheels
  • Current generation now comes with an improved-formula pre-applied adhesive and improved colors
  • 4 alcohol wipes and a primer pen are included in the kit
  • Installation Notes

  • Rim Protective Strips can be trimmed with scissors
  • Balance weights need to be fitted inside the wheels and removed from lip. Installation Difficulty: BASIC (Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required)
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    This Product Fits
    (See PRICES & ORDERING tab above for clearer detail)

      Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

      Bimmian Automotive Inc will replace any product with a manufacturing defect. We cannot cover the costs of products that fail or any costs arising from this as it is a DIY fitted product.

      The responsibility for ensuring this product is fitted correctly lies with the customer and if you feel unable to fit this product correctly you are advised to seek professional assistance.

      Notes / Warnings


    • 50% tape bond is reached after 20 minutes, 90% after 24 hours and 100% bond is reached after 1 week.

    • Do not exceed 40mph in first 25 hours after fitting. During cold weather these times are increased, however the tape is designed to be fitted in cold conditions.

    • Note: Will not stick to wheels coated in low energy surface coatings or cleaners. Ensure all surfaces are properly cleaned prior to installation.

    • Note: Will not stick to silicone residue left from wheel and tire cleaner. (needs to be removed with rubbing alcohol and prep pad).

    • Caution: Acid based wheel cleaners are not recommended.

    • Inspect on a regular basis and replace if damaged.

    • Wash your hands after handling the wipes included in this kit or wear latex gloves.

    • Clean protective strips with soap and water only.

      Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.
    • Installation: BASIC - Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required

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      Product Reviews

      Customer Reviews
      Average rating: 5 5 - 2 reviews
      • (5)
        | Posted by | (Trujillo Alto, PR)

        Good Customer Service!!!

      • (5)
        | Posted by | (Fullerton, CA)

        Good product

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      Common Questions

      1. Question :

        How would I remove these from the rim and will the removal damage the rim's finish?

      2. Answer :

        You can simply peel it off. Then follow up with a blow drier/heat gun and adhesive remover. This will not damage the rim's finish. Please note machined lipped wheels require more time to clean/remove the adhesive compond.

      3. Question :

        i have 19 rims for my bmw 328i i was wondering if the strip is long enough to cover the whole rim

      4. Answer :

        Yes, this will easily fit wheels up to 22\" in diameter. Simply trim the strips to the intended length using an exacto-knife/box cutter.

      5. Question :

        Are these protective strips likely to get damaged during tire replacement or will they interfere with proper mounting and balancing of new tires?

      6. Answer :

        If you are planning on changing tires using the same rim that already has these strips mounted, they will have to be removed during new tire mounting.

      7. Question :

        What is the material that the products are made of plastic or aluminum? Thanks

      8. Answer :

        Our rim protection strips are manufactured in the UK using quality rubberized plastic, they are fully tested and offer the best performance and value available.

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      Prices& Ordering

      Prices & Ordering
      For Any Vehicle
       Set of 4:
        Black (for CURVED edge rim)
      $ 49
      $ 49
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      (In Stock)
        Black (for CURVED edge rim) Version 2
      $ 49
      $ 49
      add_shopping_cartAdd To Cart
      (In Stock)
        Blue (for CURVED edge rim) Version 2
      $ 49
      $ 49
        Green (for CURVED edge rim)
      $ 49
      $ 49
      add_shopping_cartAdd To Cart
      (In Stock)
        Green (for STRAIGHT edge rim)
      $ 49
      $ 49
      add_shopping_cartAdd To Cart
      (In Stock)
        Pink (for CURVED edge rim)
      $ 49
      $ 49
      add_shopping_cartAdd To Cart
      (In Stock)
        Pink (for STRAIGHT edge rim)
      $ 49
      $ 49
      add_shopping_cartAdd To Cart
      (In Stock)
        Purple (for CURVED edge rim)
      $ 49
      $ 49
      add_shopping_cartAdd To Cart
      (In Stock)
        Red (for CURVED edge rim) Version 2
      $ 49
      $ 49
      add_shopping_cartAdd To Cart
      (In Stock)
        Silver (for CURVED edge rim) Version 2
      $ 49
      $ 49
        Yellow (for CURVED edge rim)
      $ 49
      $ 49
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      (In Stock)
        Yellow (for STRAIGHT edge rim)
      $ 49
      $ 49
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      (In Stock)