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About BMW Carbon Fiber

BMW Carbon Fiber - The Sportiest Upgrade For Your BMW

Enhance the performance and appearance of your BMW by adding carbon fiber materials to your vehicle. Bimmian Automotive Inc carries the finest carbon fiber products available on the market. If you want to make your car lighter and stronger from the hood to the rear diffuser, Bimmian Automotive Inc carries several products from Vorsteiner and AutoCarbon to create an aggressive and unique appearance while standing up to the rigours of everyday use.

What Is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber (commonly shortened to "CF") is a very strong material that is super lightweight. It is 5x stronger than steel but less than half the weight. Carbon fiber often comes in spools like fishing line and is thinner than a piece of paper. The strands are woven together and placed in a mold to give it shape. The weave is what gives carbon fiber it's strength. Once in the mold, a clear resin coat, sometimes several coats, is applied to the weave to give it a fixed shape. The resin is like the glue that holds everything together.

Carbon Fiber in Auto Parts

A lot of vehicle are made up of mostly steel parts. With carbon fiber being lighter and strong than steel, replacing these parts will not only lighten your ride, but also get you better gas mileage. Straight off the line, you are seeing many more supercars made with carbon fiber components. It is definitely the new trend. 


Although it might be stronger and lighter than steel, carbon fiber can be expensive. The process of making different parts and accessories is very complicated and takes a lot of attention. The price of manufacturing carbon fiber is coming down, but is still relatively high, preventing car manufacturers from making it more readily available in every day cars.  BMW can justify giving the M5 or M6 a carbon fiber interior right off the line, but it does not make sense for to do the same for a 328i.