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Protect Your Investment

Posted by David on 2016 Sep 1st

Many people consider the process of washing their car as purely aesthetic – but in fact, washing your car removes accumulated abrasives and goes a long way toward preserving your car’s finish. Nothing lasts forever, but a little preventative maintenance will definitely slow down the aging process, at least from a visible standpoint.

But the care should not stop on the outside. Your interior is important as well, perhaps even more so as this is an extension of your living space. If you are a commuter, you likely spend a lot of time in your vehicle on a daily basis. Having a clean environment is important.

Believe it or not, any clutter and disorder in your car can elevate your stress levels and drain you of your energy. This is one of the essential reasons why we keep our homes and work areas neat and clutter free too. Lowering stress has a cascading effect – aside from a general feeling of well-being, blood pressure levels are also reduced. Frequent cleaning and vacuuming of your car’s interior not only removes dust particles that litter the air we breathe, but also eliminates or greatly reduces elements that are invisible to the eye such as mites, germs and bacteria that attach to carpets, mats and upholstery.

To create a good working car care routine, here are four areas that you may want to use as a basis for your maintenance program:

Get tough on dirt: Due to exposure from dirt, and the elements, your car’s finish is always fighting a battle against wear.The aforementioned items hasten this process and need to be removed in a timely manner.Without regular cleaning, any foreign materials will contribute to the breakdown of the finish. This not only lowers the aesthetic value of your car, it will also lower the monetary value.

Extend the life of your interior: Vacuum regularly and clean up any major spills without delay. The longer you let a spill go the greater chance that a little accident will turn into a stubborn stain that is both unsightly and hard to remove. Let it go for too long and the appeal level of your car will drop dramatically. Next, keep the windows clean. The benefits are two-fold; your glass will look clean and you will have the assurance that your view, as the driver, will never be obscured by dirty glass so your level of safety will always be at a good level. Obviously, you'll want a clean car that is comfortable to drive in for yourself and your family, so a little time invested into keeping the interior clean and addressing any major issues straight away will pay huge dividends toward your overall comfort and happiness.

Protect your car’s finish: Although it may take a little time and effort, waxing your vehicle is more important than you think. Not only does it make your car look great, but it acts as a sealant for your paint – much like a second skin that repels UV light, ozone, exhaust, salt, dirt, rain, tree sap, bug guts, and bird droppings. Waxing also extends the period of time that you can go between car washes because it allows contaminants to literally slide off the surface of your vehicle due to the smooth and slippery surface the wax creates.

Don’t be afraid to polish: Polishing is often overlooked and many people confuse the process of polishing with waxing. Polishing differs greatly from waxing and is carried out before the car is waxed. Further, it is a process that should only be undertaken only once per year, or on an as needed basis. What is our goal here? Basically, through polishing, we want to remove minute scratches and other such imperfections. To facilitate this, a safe, but somewhat abrasive medium is used to polish the car. This removes minor scratches and makes the paint color stand out more.

The rule of thumb here is to be patient. Take your time and learn how the polish works and breaks down and always start with the least aggressive medium to get the job done. Unlike wax, be sure to work the polish in and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter for any products you may use.

As with any project, having the right tools to complete the job makes the difference between frustration and poor results to a more enjoyable experience with great results. We have the right tools to help you get the job done and see fantastic results.

Sonax Premium Car Care Products

Since 1950, SONAX has been involved in the development and manufacturing of high performance car care products and the brand is represented in more than 100 countries. Be it motor sports, in the tuning scene or in the world of classic cars; when it comes to the perfect presentation of automobiles, SONAX is recognized as a leader in car care products.

In a recent poll among more than 9,400 readers of the popular motoring magazine "Auto Zeitung“ participants were asked to choose their "Top Brands of 2015“. Readers were asked to select and rate, in 20 categories, their most trusted brands. In the car care products category, the "Top Brand“ selected was SONAX.

Sonax carries all you need to detail your car including exclusive formulations for shampooing, glass cleaning, upholstery, leather care, insect removal, tire and wheel cleaning, waxing and more.

Also available are several task-specific accessories and applicators to make life easier.

Byrons Hyde Food Leather Care Kit

Think of the leather surfaces in your car as a skin. By all rights it truly is a skin and as such, requires proper cleaning and nourishment on a regular basis, otherwise it will lose its rich luster, essence and durability.

As leather ages, it has a natural tendency to lose the natural oils that keep it soft and supple. The formation of wrinkles, cracks and crevices is directly proportional as the leather become drier and harder. Add dirt to the mix, and it becomes embedded into the leather surface and its tiny, sharp edges begin to cut into the wrinkles and eventually, with enough dirt build up, these wrinkles, cracks and crevices will split and tear.

Over the years, many products have entered the market, claiming to provide ideal cleaning and conditioning value for leather surfaces. Some actually do work well. Then there are some that make claims of being a dual-purpose cleaner and conditioner. In actual fact, cleaning and conditioning leather are two separate processes - it's virtually impossible to have a product that can properly emulsify dirt and oils from leather, and then replenish the essential oils and nutrients necessary in a single process. BYRON'S HYDE CLEAN leather cleaner and HYDE FOOD leather conditioner have been designed to safely revitalize and maintain all types of automotive leather in a proper, two-step process.

Byron's products boast a unique blend of natural ingredients that combine to offer a pH neutral, safe and effective treatment for all types of automotive leather surfaces. In addition, it will also restore that fresh, new leather essence, leaving it looking and smelling brand new.

The first stage, or cleaning process leaves leather vibrant, clean and prepped to receive HYDE FOOD leather conditioner.

BYRON'S HYDE FOOD combines several natural ingredients including lanolin and coconut oil to rehydrate the leather, leaving it soft, supple and revitalized with the essence of new leather. A proprietary blend of other natural ingredients, including beeswax, combine to produce a protective barrier, shielding leather from premature aging and harmful contaminants.

This leathercare kit includes one 16oz (473ml) bottle of Hyde Clean and one 16oz (473ml) bottle of Hyde Food. Each comes complete with a convenient spray nozzle.

Black Wow Trim Restoration Kit

BlackWow version 2 is the best exterior plastic restoration system available. Made in USA, it outlasts all other restoration products.

Restore the look of all the black plastic trim on the outside of your BMW with this fast acting restoration fluid. BlackWow and Pre-Wow form a unique system that outlasts and outperforms similar products, and now boasts an improved formula which provides better absorption and a more matte finish.

Instead of only lasting for days or weeks, the BlackWow System endures for months when applied using the recommended application method. The secret is a unique formulation which enables the product to absorb deeply into exterior plastics without seeping back out. The overall result is a dark, matte finish that lasts and lasts and is both economical to use and safe on all materials.

RAGG TOPP Cleaning Products

Is your convertible roof looking tattered, worn or shabby? Not sure of the best way to clean and protect it? We have a product made specifically to address this problem that we sure you're going to love!

RAGG TOPP products enhance cleaning, provide a richer appearance, and restore water and stain resistance to fabrics as recommended in your owner's manual.RAGG TOPP is a manufacturer approved convertible care product that contains NO Silicone and is tested and endorsed by HAARTZ, the world's leading manufacturer of Convertible topping for all American and European Car makers.

Environmentally safe with UV protectionExclusively formulated for fabric and vinyl

Will not harm automotive finishes

Anti-Oxidant, low pH, leaves no residue

The major adversaries to convertible tops are exposure, acid rain - emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which react with the water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acids, UV rays, mildew, smog, tree sap, bird droppings, salt, tar, dirt, grease and grit. All these environmental detriments must be removed in a timely manner to keep convertible tops looking showroom new.

Fabric tops are chemically treated during manufacturing to repel water and contamination, but the efficacy of these chemicals diminish over time. Exactly how long the factory repellent will last is largely dependent on usage and the environment, so it is best to keep a watchful eye on your top.

Regular washing should reveal a gradual reduction of the fabric's ability to repel water. You'll want to watch carefully for signs of water puddles or wet spots where water has clearly penetrated the fabric. If you see these signs, it's time to treat your top with RAGG TOPP.

RAGG TOPP products are designed for auto care professionals and enthusiasts that demand manufacturer approved cleaning and protective products that are easy to use and will not harm exterior or interior finishes.

Wheel Wax Brand Cleaning Products

Wheel Wax is specially formulated to safely and easily remove brake dust from your rims without scratching or harming the finish. Wheel Wax also applies a layer of brake dust repelling agents keeping your Bimmer's rims looking great, longer!

Wheel Wax brand also offers the ultimate tire dressing and an excellent auto shampoo/wax. The product formula contains 30% carnauba wax and coconut oil for extra shine and a pleasant scent. Wheel Wax is safe for use on all wheels - chromed, painted or clear coated. You can use WheelWax with confidence!

WheelWax Wheel Protectant works in two ways:

First: Wheel Wax lifts brake dust and other dirt off of your wheels and onto your rag. Let it dry to a haze and buff to a high shine.

Second: Wheel Wax contains an anti-static compound designed to repel brake dust keeping your rims looking clean.

Available Options:

Wheel Wax Extreme Black Tire Dressing:

Extreme Black succeeds where other tire dressings fail. Extreme Black restores the look of your tires without leaving an over-glossy appearance, or an oily residue. Unlike competitors products, it protects your tires from UV rays, thus preventing tire "browning". Extreme Black will not run or sling off onto your paint due to centrifugal forces, and is safe for use on all plastic or rubber parts of your car. Extreme Black contains no silicone and is fully biodegradable.

Wheel Wax Auto Shampoo and Wax:

Auto Shampoo and Wax is one of the few wash and wax products on the market with actual carnauba wax in the formula. This means that the protection will last longer and shine better than the competition.

This pH neutral formula is gentle on your car's finish, but tough on dirt and road grime. The ultra high sudsing action generated when you fill your bucket with water, will help to float dirt off your car and wheels.

Auto Shampoo and Wax has also been formulated to increase the life of Wheel Wax when used to clean your rims.