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Bimmian Insights

What The Flux??? All About Automotive Lighting Terminology

Posted by Neal on 2018 Dec 17th

The automotive lighting world is filled with terminology, but does anyone know what it all means?Here's some technical jargon that you can use to impress your friends.Luminous Flux:The complete light … read more

Weisslicht Installation Guide for Anti-Flicker Resistors

Posted by David on 2017 Mar 2nd

THE PROBLEM If you have recently installed new LED based lighting on your vehicle and find that your new lights are flickering, or in the case of turn signals, flashing at an abnormally fast rate … read more

Upgrading your Halo Rings, Corona Rings or Angel Eyes

Posted by David on 2016 Jul 6th

Introduced to the automotive market in 2000 by BMW, Halo Rings, also known as Corona Rings or Angel Eyes, consist of a circular arrangement of lights or luminous rings inside the vehicle's headlight a … read more

Your vehicle's lighting system is key to your safety

Posted by David on 2016 Jun 15th

Your vehicle's lighting system is key to your safety and the communication of your intent to those around you. Your headlight and tail light systems ensure that other motorists can see you at all time … read more

Interior Xenon Gold Bulbs - The Gold Standard

Posted by David on 2016 Jun 10th

Incandescent filament-based lamps have reigned supreme for the greater part of a century, however, a technical revolution is underway and these inefficient lights are now being replaced by LED base … read more