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The BMW Inspired Gruppe5 2002

Posted by Courtney Lewis on 2019 May 24th

Don't call it a comeback! This BMW inspired Gruppe5 2002 has been crafted with a touch of modern body styling and more power under the hood. Equipped with a giant BMW V10 engine that can produce up to 803 horsepower, the Gruppe5 2002 is the perfect combination of power and beauty.

Gruppe5 has worked with some of the most important players in the Motorsport industry to help complete the Gruppe5 2002. BMW engine master, Steve Dinan, is set to build the V10 engines while Riley Technologies will assemble the tube-under-carbon chassis by hand. Bill & Bob Riley are also listed as co-founders of the project.

The Riley's used Daytona Prototype technology to provide a light and stiff chassis, which weighs 2200 pounds all-in. The Gruppe5 2002 also uses a giant rear wing, huge under-bumper diffuser, and front splitter to achieve the claimed 2400 pounds of downforce.

BMW’s already amazing S85 V10 is the foundation for the Gruppe5 2002 and has been previously sold in the M5 and M6 from 2005 to 2010. Straight from the factory, the naturally aspirated 5-liter produced an even 500 horsepower and revved to 8,250 RPM. After being transformed by Steve Dinan, the engine is now available in two variations. This includes a 5.8-liter version, producing 744 horsepower and a 5.9-liter iteration with 803 horsepower.

To promote balance, the power will be routed through an Xtrac sequential transaxle at the rear and shifted using paddles on the steering wheel. The Gruppe5 2002 uses pushrod suspension on all four corners, four race-spec Alcon mono-bloc calipers, and carbon ceramic rotors. This is all contained inside of four 19" BBW 3-piece wheels with street-legal Michelin or Pirelli track tires.

Although this car is not yet available, Gruppe5 plans to begin building this car in June. If you're interested in buying one of these machines, it'll cost a cool $875,000 for the 5.8-liter version, and $975,000 for the 5.9-liter version.