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BMW Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles In The U.S. Over Risk Of Fire Under The Hood

2017-11-07 posted by David

As a service to our customers, we are providing this article verbatim from the original source as the information is time sensitive and directly impacts the safety of BMW owners. The original article source is Jalopnik. com and resides at https://jalopnik. com/bmw-recalls-1-4-million-vehicles-in-the-u-s-over-risk-1820124021The author is Alanis King. . .

Bimmian's Top Ten BMW Modifications by US States - Number 8 Georgia

2017-10-13 posted by David

In the last article, we looked at what was popular with BMW enthusiasts in Washington state, and now we move across the country to the southeast and the state of Georgia at number 8, as we continue our countdown of Bimmian's Top Ten BMW Modifications for US states. The last of the original Thirteen Colonies, Georgia is known as the Peach State and the Empire State of the South, with Atlanta as it's state capital and most populous city. Georgia's northern extreme is in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is partially bordered to the east by the Atlantic Ocean with its terrain traversing coastal beaches and rich farmland. Georgia is the largest state in land area east of the Mississippi River and features well-known cities that in addition to Atlanta include Savannah, Augusta, Marietta and Athens. . .

Bimmian's Top Ten BMW Modifications by US States - Number 9 Washington

2017-08-25 posted by David

With a population of 7. 2 million, Washington State is number 9 on our countdown and our next stop in the Top Ten BMW Modifications series. Situated in the Pacific Northwest with terrain spanning the forested islands of Puget Sound to the snowcapped peaks of the Cascade Mountain Range, Washington is well-known for its lively music scene and booming tech industry and is home to the cities of Olympia, Seattle, Portland and Tacoma. So, let’s find which accessories for BMW the Pacific Northwest is most interested in as we continue with the number 9 state, Washington, in Bimmian’s Top Ten BMW Modifications for US states. . .

Bimmian's Top Ten BMW Modifications by US States - Number 10 Pennsylvania

2017-08-10 posted by David

With the Appalachian Mountains running through its middle, Pennsylvania is one of the original 13 founding states, established all the way back in 1681. The state is home to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Reading and many, many BMW owners, and is the number 10 state in Bimmian's Top Ten BMW Modifications for US states. We found the results of the Top 10 BMW Modifications – USA really interesting, and thought it might be even more intriguing to drill down to the state level and find out what BMW enthusiasts are captivated by in the way of BMW accessories. Curious as to what enthusiasts in Ohio as compared to California are buying for their BMWs? We are too, so let’s find out as we begin with the number 10 state, Pennsylvania, in Bimmian’s Top Ten BMW Modifications for US states. . .

Bimmian's Top Ten BMW Modifications - CANADA

2017-07-10 posted by David

The BMW brand is popular the world over, and Canada, although not as densely populated as the United States, still comes in at number six in overall sales according to 2015 car sales data. Moreover, owning a BMW has become more within reach as the automaker recognizes the demand, blurring the line between conventional and luxury, offering more affordable alternatives, effectively lowering the cost of entry to the luxury class. Essentially, more opportunity for both the automaker and the consumer. A great number of those consumers are BMW enthusiasts and we thought it would be quite interesting to see what types of modifications best appeal to those north of the border. . .