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BMW Wheels

BMW Wheels - Because Shoes Say A Lot About You!

New wheels are one of the best ways to make your BMW stand out from the crowd. Replacing the stock wheels of your BMW with aftermarket wheels, will give your car a stylized, fresh new look that you will take pride in, and your friends will envy. We carry top brands including VMR and Vorsteiner. Each set of BMW rims that Bimmian Automotive Inc sells are crafted in aluminum or carbonized aluminum with style and elegance in mind, giving your car an appealing, sporty appearance. Whether your desire is to dress up your BMW with a massive set of 20" rims, or if you just want to make a subtle change by purchasing some BMW M series replica wheels, our wheel and rim experts at Bimmian Automotive Inc can accommodate you so that you get exactly what you are looking for and answer any questions you may have.

Looking For BMW Rims? First, the basics:

Your choice of BMW rims directly affect your car’s performance and handling. For example, rims that are too wide prevent the tire from flexing or gripping properly, resulting in poor traction. Excessively narrow rims cause sideways listing and distortion, especially when cornering or turning quickly. A perfectly sized rim gives the tires a good, decent spin, excellent traction and correct response time.

Choosing the right set of rims can dramatically improve your vehicle’s performance, as well as creating a beautiful, finished look to set it apart from the crowd. Before you begin, you should measure the vehicle and familiarize yourself with the manufacturers specifications. Smaller rims range in size from 17 to 19 inches with the largest coming in at 22 inches. BMW Michelin rims are a popular choice. These two manufacturers have teamed up to provide you with the best handling and performance when it comes to your BMW tires. This pairing is a solid investment that you can count on.

Rims are much more than functional - they express your own individual sense of style. When choosing your next set of BMW rims, select a style that compliments the model and color of your vehicle and adds panache to the overall look of your BMW. Choose from a selection of colors - from the luxury of silver or the elegance of matte black, to the dazzle of chrome or softer gunmetal.

A great set of rims is only as good as the tires that are installed on them. Tires that are in poor condition will hinder the overall performance of your BMW. In some cases, specific tires are manufactured for specific rims and provide the best performance when paired.Taking a few moments to research the best tires for a specific set of BMW rims is a very smart investment in time. Most tire manufacturer websites will provide you a very thorough description of tuning, traction and durability, especially when it comes to popular brands like Bridgestone or Goodyear. A favorite of the aficionado is BBS Wheels and Rims, who are famous for their custom work and excellent quality.

While customizing your BMW can involve takes a great deal of effort and investment, the end result can be very rewarding from both a performance and aesthetic perspective. Working with the right dealer can also make a lot of difference and reduce the amount of time you invest, without compromising your results.

How Are BMW Wheels Made

Forged Wheels:

Forging is a manufacturing process where single blocks/cylinders of metal are stamped, pressed, shaped under high pressure to achieve a one piece unit that is both stronger and lighter without and structural weak points like a seam or a weld. These types of wheels are typically can withstand more abuse, stress, and impacts dues to their manufacturing process and the superior metals used.

Cast Wheels:

Casting involves the pouring or injecting of molten metal into a mold containing a cavity with the desired shape of the final product. Wheels manufactured using the casting method are very well built but if exposed to hard, direct impacts they tend to crack or break rather than bend like forged wheels would, however, they also offer a more affordable alternative.

BMW Wheel Finishes:


A highly polished finish that retains fine lines in the finish as if created manually by a wire brush.

Powder Coated:

A process where the wheels are first washed, then electrostatically coated from .025-.075 mm. Once the coating is applied the wheels are heated in a oven and baked at 400+ degrees. The result is a smooth, even and durable finish available in most any color.


Chroming is a process where the wheels are dipped in a series of chemical baths that begin with a cleaning process and finish in an electrically charged bath that involves inducing the electroplating o a thin layer of chromium on to the metal parts. The wheels are given a brilliant shine that will last for many years, providing the proper cleaning and maintenance procedures are upheld.


Allows color matching of the whole wheel or a certain portion of the wheel to match any color the customer chooses. This also allows for custom touches such as pin striping, gold leafing, or marbleizing.


Where the metal face and barrel of the wheel is meticulously polished by a high speed, high powered buffer. This process leaves the wheel with a shine and luster that exceeds any chrome finish. Care is required when selecting cleaners you use on these wheels and hand polishing must be maintained regularly to maintain the luster and shine.

Gun Metal:

Using physical vapor deposition or electroplating, many wheel companies offer a "Gun Metal" finish that looks rugged, aggressive and compliments many factory and aftermarket paint colors. The wheels are often coupled with a polished lip, which offers a sleek, high contrast appearance.

One, Two, and Three Piece Wheels:

One Piece Wheels:

The inner barrel, outer barrel, and center disc are cast or forged in one piece and have no seams, welds or joints.

Two piece Wheels:

Typically have a barrel and a center disc, they are mated by 30-40 small nuts and bolts that secure the outer edge of the face to the inner edge of the barrel. Since the Barrel is one piece, no gasket or silicone is required, and the wheel components are affixed with bolts.

Three Piece Wheels:

Are comprised of the inner/outer barrels, and the center disc as separate components. They are individually pieced together and assembled. The outer and inner barrels have a rubber gasket or silicone sealant that is applied to the seam with the three pieces bolted together with 30-40 bolts/screws.

What is the best wheel for my car

Three piece wheels are a good choice for people who want a large "lip" or need a very specific offset. They are also easier to customize with special finishes, as you can have a different color on the center, the lip, and the barrel. Bear in mind that three piece wheels weigh more than other wheels, like the monoblock, and generally cost more, due to the number of parts and labor involved in assembling them. One piece monoblock wheels are forged out of a single block of aluminum, offering superior strength and durability yet are lightweight.

How to I make my final decision

Like all important decisions, its always good to start with your budget. If you want the best, you are going to want to get a three piece or monoblock wheel from DPE or HRE. If you are more cost conscious, you can choose a VMR wheel. If you still have questions, please feel free to call one of our wheel experts at 888-884-4269.

We love cars, we love BMW wheels and we LOVE to talk about them. We would love to hear from you!