Projector Headlights With Halo Rings for BMW E46 3 Series Sedan and Wagon (Pre-LCI)

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Product Introduction

  • If your vehicle didn't come with a factory installed Xenon light suite, this is the replacement package you've been looking for!

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • Now you can upgrade your factory OEM halogen headlights to real Projector Headlights with Halo Rings!
  • Add our XenoFlo HID bulbs for 6000K or 8000K Headlights,

This Product Fits

  • Projector Headlights With Halo Rings for BMW E46 3 Series Sedan and Wagon (Pre-LCI)

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: PROFESSIONAL (Professional Installation Recommended)
  • Our kits offer an easy plug and play design and come with all the required wiring and ballasts.
  • Installation of the illuminated halo rings is controlled using a relay+wiring harness which is provided. The trigger for
  • this relay can be any 12v power source and is chosen by the installer depending on the desired behavior of the lights.
  • The addition of our XenoFlo HID Repair kit may be required to complete this installation for some cars.
  • These lights do not require any resets by the dealership.
  • This product is a custom order.
  • Special orders and custom orders are not returnable or refundable.
  • Shipping charges and any other related charges are not refundable.
  • Please refer to manufacturer's warranty policy on manufacturer's defects.

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    Happy With My Purchase

    Posted by Ifaz I. on 2013 Jan 14th

    I ordered the CCFL halos without bulbs for the E46 (the cheapest option) It's a bit pricey, especially with the higher options but there is no other place you can get depo after market lights, at least not from a reliable source (ebay). Why I opted for the cheapest option? I'm a bit of a do it yourself kind of guy, I like working on my car when I'm not working and have some free time on my hands. I change my own tires, brakes, oil and all fluids, air filter, window regulator, and leaking pipes and etc. I found this installation to be fairly easy, I like how this product came packed and ready for installation, it had all the wires spliced and prepped, aside from a few minor things, which I'll mention later. It also came with a link to a detailed installation guide, and there are videos on Youtube showing installation. I opted for the cheapest option because, spending almost a grand on an item, isn't a luxury I can afford. But is it worth it, yes. I will be ordering the 120 led halos, and the HID retrofit kits with bulbs on a later date, as it will be easier on my wallet to spend small amounts monthly, and being somewhat of a handyman, I actually look forward to adding all these. And i will use the ccfl halos I recieved packaged with the cheapest option to retrofit it into my bosch oem headlights (though there are no projectors) and i will resell it for $200-$350, depending on If i can retrofit a projector in there. Pros -Installation was simple, aside from a few annoyances. -The lights are awesome. It is a cheaper build than the OEM lights, the plastic incasing feels less of a quality but keep in mind OEM costs over $1000 just for the headlights without bulbs, hid's or halos. So paying half for this is well worth it. Keep in mind, I don't mean it's so cheap that it will break on you, its just not OEM. Though this is the best quality 2nd to OEM, atleast from what I know. I've seen those spyder headlights, they are God awful and Bimmers don't deserve that ****. -Halo's are bright and visible during The day -They make my car look 2x better when off and 5x better when on. -The halo gives off a slightly blueish tint and since i'm going to fit a pure white HID lights inside, im glad there will be a difference of colour to differentiate the halos from headlights. -the halos turn on everytime i unlock the doors. I wired the trigger wire through the firewall under my glovebox and attached a splice to my couresy lights (was a pain in the ***) but was worth it. And looks so cool when i walk up to my car and unlock it before getting in. lol. Cons -I ordered these on a Monday, and it took 3 weeks to arrive and it arrived on the 3rd week Friday. It took, what seemed like forever to arrive. But they did tell me, when i called, that they are getting it shipped from the U.S. warehouse and they kept me updated via messages from this site about delays due to weather. I was annoyed, but in the end it was worth it. -The wire tapper (splice) that was shipped was the wrong ones, the t tap connectors are the one needed for the installation and they are hard to come by. I have an electrician friend who happened to have a few lying around the house so he gave me two and I installed it. This is a minor con. -The ballast came shipped inside the case and can be pulled out from taking the rubber protector off the projector casing. I recommend cutting a hole in the rubber casing and pulling the ballast outside and to silicone the rubber and use a double sided tape and stick the ballast to the topside of the headlight under the metal panel to keep it away from water and stuff. I also used a zip tie to close the rubber casing so that no moisture can enter. In conclusion, the pro's far outweigh the con's. I am really happy with my purchase, aside from the few annoyances of course. And what i always say is, if you are gonna be spending money on something, do the research. That's why i have this wall of text to help somebody who is on the fence, like I was. I wish somebody posted this to make my decision much easier. I've been getting nothing but compliments for the lights. And if you need anything, you can always call the sales team, they've been nothing but helpful to all my questions I had before purchasing the item, and they responded promply to my messages that I sent. one more thing, remember to invest in some new nuts and bolts, as mines were rusted. Remember to buy the exact same kinds, as to not ruin the thread. Hope this was helpful.