Red WeissLicht H8 LED Halo Upgrade (V4)

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Product Introduction

  • Upgrade your OEM halo rings with the brightest V2 LED Halo Upgrade Kit on the market from WeissLicht!
  • One kit replaces all 4 rings in your headlights.

Features and Benefits Of This Product

  • Halo rings, also known as angel eyes, are the circular rings of light surrounding the headlights of your BMW.
  • WeissLicht's LED Halo Upgrade will make your BMW stand out by replacing the stock halogen light bulbs with a cool, pure white glow. 
  • At 180 Watts, it is BRIGHTER than the competition, are covered by a one-year warranty, and will not cause any warning lights on your dash.

This Product Fits:

  • BMW 1 Series (E82) (including 1M) 2007 - 2013
  • BMW 3 Series Coupe (E92) 2007 - 2012
  • BMW 3 Series Sedan/Touring (E90/E91) (with HID Xenon option only) 2009 - 2012
  • BMW 3 Series Coupe/Convertible (E92/E93) 2007 - 2010
  • BMW M3 (E9X) Coupe Convertible and Sedan 2006 and up
  • BMW 5 Series LCI (E60 LCI) 2008 - 2010 (with HID Xenon option only)
  • BMW 6 (E63/64) Series (includes M6) 2008 - 2011
  • BMW X1 (E84) with Xenon Headlights 2010 - 2012
  • BMW X5 (E70) with Xenon Headlights 2007 - 2011
  • BMW X6 (E71) 2008 - 2012
  • BMW X5M and X6M 2008 - 2012
  • BMW E89 Z4 2009 - 2012

Installation Notes

  • Installation Difficulty: ADVANCED (Special Tools or Specialized Knowledge May Be Required)
  • Make sure to install the bulbs in the correct orientation and then rotate them all the way until you feel the bulb fully stop.
  • If you do not turn it all the way into the housing, the LEDs will not be pointing at the pick-up optics for the outer rings, resulting in dimmer outer rings.
  • Some housings have very little room, making rotating the bulb quite difficult.
  • Please try to rotate fully, if necessary, use some lubricant on the seal to help it rotate more smoothly, or by pressing inward while rotating to collapse the seal and make rotating easier.

Notes / Warnings

  • If you notice that the outer rings are dim it is because the LEDs are not being aligned correctly with the pick-up optics, instead slipping more light into the inner ring and very little into the outer ring.
  • Please check your local laws to ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.
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